of getting on with it

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 02 April 2013 19:39:28

okay, rant is over and reality has reestablished itself :)

this job hunt IS different to those of the past where I was renting, by myself, with minimal savings, and had either I finished a job and desperately needed another one or so hated the place I was working in that I just desperately had to be somewhere else for the sake of my own sanity.

This time I am married (to a man who is fully employed), am paying a mortgage (which is actually less than rental in Sydney was, so yay on that) and we are ahead on it, we have savings, I actually like the job I'm in and it's only circumstances outside my control which make it time for me to start looking for a job .. and there's no real rush ... probably around June there would start to be a real rush but right now, no real rush.

And if I profess to be any sort of Christian at all, with any sort of trust at all, I need to hand it all over (as per usual - I have given myself this speech endless times over the years!) and not try and do it all in my own strength.

So, having sorted all that out in my head - and by going 'blah' all over the wibsite ha ha - I can now calmly and sensibly go about my business ...which so far means that I've dusted everything, vacuumed like the house has never been vacuumed, cleaned the highlight windows inside (ths involves ladders), and am now sorting out all the filing (which has not been done for nearly a year - there's a lot).

But I'm in the process now and that's good :)