of friends on a journey

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 09 March 2013 22:32:01

A person who I would call a friend but in reality I have never met in person or in any other way than online via an odd comment or two has ended their blog. I understand all the stated reasons why, they are very sensible and well reasoned. I realise (obviously) I only know one tiny section of this person, that none of us put all of ourselves out there on our blogs ... though I guess if you blog long enough you can put a fair bit of yourself out there - even bits you didn't know you had :)

Regardless ... I have enjoyed reading the blog, following a journey which is a completely different to anything in my life, finding out stuff which has challenged me, interested me, excited me, and made me look at a few things completely differently, as well as realise how I actually felt about a few other things ... some has been confronting but most has been educational and interesting.

So, I want to say thank you for your blog, thank you for putting a lot of extremely personal stuff out there about a journey which is completely alien to me and letting me attempt to understand a little of what life is like in your shoes, and thank you for spending as much time as you have on it.

And now go out and enjoy yourself without being "chained" to your blog :)