of days off

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 09 March 2013 04:51:05

which it isn't really :) ... Mr Tasmania is away, left straight after work yesterday, picked up a mate in Launceston, and headed off to the East Coast (Binalong Bay / St Helen's) to play golf. They'll be heading back to Launceston tomorrow to play golf again, visit Bunnings (very very large warehouse style hardware store - closest to us is in Launny,as Launceston is known in Tasmania, and it's a 2 hour drive away so you take any chance you can get to visit), then head home, due to arrive some time Sunday arvo / evening.

It's a long weekend so that means we get Monday to spend together, yay!

So, what am I doing, with 2 days to myself? My nails, shopping, lunching, morning / afternoon teaing, generally slothing about?

No, I, on a very hot and windy and humid day, have just put out the third load of washing (new quilt cover (not fun to hang out in a 25km/hr wind but it will make it dry faster and smell very fresh)), have weeded some of the garden, have poured 12 watering cans full of water and fertilizer on various plants and sections of the garden (there's a lot of walking involved in that, it's a big space, and they're 9 litre cans!- and I had to water the dog as well, he loves it), and now, instead of slowing down and doing something restful, I have just washed half of the floor in the top part of the house, on my hands and knees, like an old fashioned '50's housewife!

I love our floor, if you look back in the files to September / Octoberish 2009 you'll see it's a very solid heavy duty floating floor, laid by yours truly and Mr Tasmania, all 120sq m of so of it ... it's beautiful, I love it, and have no regrets in choosing that type of floor. The only down side is that you can't wet or steam mop it ... water will break glue seals (which pretty much are broken anyway, just from walking on it), seep through seams and into the underlay and into the particle board below it ... which would swell and warp and do very bad things to the beautiful floor above it ... so I'm not even tempted to try it as an experiment, particularly after the hard work it was laying it! (there's a lot to be said for having ownership in your home by doing as much of the work as you're able :) ).

So yes, hot water, minimal amount of wooden floor cleaner, microfibre cloth, large heavy cotton bath mats to sit everything on and to step onto, and down the hall way (2 metres wide) and all the kitchen are D O N E done hooray!

This just leaves the other half of the kitchen space ie the dining room, then the living room .... the dining room I am doing tomorrow, the living room ....well ... that may have to wait a bit longer ... it doesn't get the sticky foot traffic that the 'upstairs' (it's split level) gets so it hasn't had as many scuff marks on it ... AND it's got lots of furniture and large mats in it, none of which I'm really inclined to move .... I think I'll just give that a really serious vacuum and then possibly a go over with a barely damp microfibre mop .... just to get any stubborn stuff off ... it's actually making my head hurt thinking about it.

That's all very domesticated I know but shortly I will be taking a shower and getting ready to go out raging for my Saturday night ... yes, the nonagenarian (90 and 92) parents in law and I are going out for Chinese .... we're so Hollywood :)