of new gates hooray

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 01 March 2013 22:02:21

I've moved the cars, pruned the plant out of the way, done the communications officer bit, watered down the boxing and the giant holes, and taken an enormous number of 'before' pictures, and now I'm (very sensibly I think) getting out of the way so all the 'manly men' at the top of the driveway can play with the concrete truck when it arrives and so that the (probable) swearing doesn't offend my little shell likes ... regardless of the fact that I can probably outswear all of them even on a bad day (not one of my better qualities I must admit) ... easier to let the men do their thing than stand around and offer constructive criticism :)

oh yes, all of this means that the day has finally come - the concrete is being poured so that the gate posts can go in and the new gates can be hung hooray!!!! It will be a while before we get the automatic gate openers which will mean that from that point on Roger next door will be getting soaked all by himself as we get out to open gates/drive through/close gates in the middle of a North Western Tasmanian evening downpour (usually they start at around 5.55pm, when we are both getting home) but I think I can possess my soul in patience 'cause once the gates are in we're nearly there!!!