of flatpacks and windy weather and new mattresses

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Date: 08 April 2008 10:02:37

it's been gusty blowy weather all day today - JD (the dog) has been practically doing handstands, between barking at the wind and barking at the enormous amounts of wrens, parrots, thrushes, honeyeaters, kookaburras etc which have been here eating the berries on the cotoneasters, he doesn't know quite what to do with himself. Mr Tasmania has taken him out for a run now (6km's return to the boatramp) so that should take a bit of the energy out of him!

I had the day off again, though almost mended I think. I managed to get a cancellation at the doctors - miraculous, truly, there is such a shortage of GP's on the North West Coast of Tasmania that it's almost impossible to get a doctors appointment within the week you want it, let alone the same day! They told me that what I was doing was what I should be doing, but did give me a doctor's certificate, which is really all I needed. ah well ... has to be done.

Anyway, I also dropped into a local hardware store and bought a cupboard, which I had seen in an ad on Sunday and Mr Tasmania had had a look at yesterday. It's nothing flash, only white laminated particle board, but it is absolutely perfect for stacking our piles of magazines in. Up until now all our design / house building / house and garden / gardening/ 4 wheel drive / etc mags have been growing into towers that threaten to fall on the person sitting in the armchair next to them (and sheltering who knows what behind them!) - now the are (almost) sorted into on of the 9 identical cubes which make up the 'Cube Unit'. The instructions are not quite as good as IKEA but I managed it and it looks good!

Our new mattress arrived today too - HOORAY!!!! - it's on the base and looks fabulous - quite a bit 'higher' than the old one, pillow top, beautiful!!!! I've left the woollen underlay and electric blankets off for the moment, so we can experience the joy of the pillowtop - we may leave the electric blankets off for a while as we have to turn the mattress every two weeks for the first three months - mind you, that'll only last until it gets really cold and then blankets are on and turning is over!