of spring being sprung!

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 08 October 2012 05:55:59

I'm on a much needed home holiday this week hooray.

On Saturday my mother in law and i went and visited the local tulip farm (yes, there are tulips in Australia, lots of them actually! - my home town and my new home town ie here both have tulip festivals at this time of year - funny that I left one to end up in the other, 1200km's apart). My MIL turns 90 this year and was born in the area but had never been into the tulip field - only looked over the fence as the locals do... and I figured it was about time I went and had a squiz too!






Spring has also sprung in our garden... below are a couple of pics from one section - our mad self seeding pansies which are taking over, and the results of a $10 random bag of tulip bulbs Mr Tasmania bought at a statewide agricultural fair earlier this year.



oh yes, and some iris - I think my mother in law gave me these ...but I can't really remember!