of sunshine

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 22 September 2012 00:49:49

It's hard to beat really! We have had so much rain this winter ... we're tracking with the average over the last two years up to date but it's been constant and there has been little wind to dry it up so everything is just so soggy .... but today we have 15or so degs C at present with a light breeze - perfect for starting to dry out the ground so Mr Tasmania can get into the mowing this arvo (he's already been around the boundaries with weed killer [we have 5 acres remember] and is now brushcutting all the edges. Also perfect for the 3 loads of washing I reckon I have - first one done and out (sheets and towels, can't beat that beautiful sun drying, I hate having things on the rack or in the dryer, it just doesn't smell the same!), second load on.

I'm also working my way around the house doing all the 'ends' of jobs - things that are lying around with just one step or two steps needed to get them tidied up and out of the way - this will clear the decks for the big jobs ... which include cleaning the oven ... I'm not procrastinating, I just hate that job SO much that I really do need to have literally everything else done in the house before I can make myself do it. I'd actually almost pay someone to come do it I detest it so much!

Hoping your day is wonderful!