of busy days

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Date: 12 April 2008 11:33:16

busy but nice ... sleep in, listening to the rain on the corrugated iron roof, up and have brekkie, back to bedroom to drag husband away from his Clive Cussler book, and then into town to check out a friend's unit. They have just finished building two stand alone units on a block - one for his parents, one to sell - and they look great! Neutral colours but not boring ... not sure about the carpet, it felt lovely, but it's the kind where you can follow the tracks of the vacuum around the room .. don't like that much. Great location, not far from the beach, across the road from a Uniting Church, and across the road (they're on a corner) from a primary (K - 6) school ... so busy, and quiet, all at once.

Back home, and husband went to work on the car - he's a great mechanic, but hates working on cars - still, if he does things himself it saves a fortune so he grits his teeth and does it - he did look hilarious when he came back, his face was completely black. I decided to put to the test bicarb soda and white vineg*r and cleaned the oven - and it works! Bit more elbow grease than the chemicals in the spray can BUT far less smell and much the same result. WIll try the bicarb paste on the walls of the oven next, apparently you mix it with water or white vinegar or lemon juice to a paste, leave it on for 30 minutes, then wash it off and hey presto .... will keep you advised!

Out for a walk, bit of a chat and some nibblies with friends, back home and fettucine carbonara for dins.