of getting on with it and looking after ourselves

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 20 September 2012 08:44:49

I’m trying to look after myself a bit more this week – rather than do all the stuff that needs to be done (albeit very slowly as the back is still a major issue) and then trying to stuff some relaxing time in there and feeling guilty I’m actually really making a decision to let a few things slide and get to them when I can.

I’m also managing to stop Mr Tasmania doing them as well – he’s supposed to be on school holidays and, aside from some time at the weekend when we actually went down to the shack and relaxed a bit, he’s gone like the clappers for the last week and a half. I really do appreciate all the work he’s been doing to make my life easier at the moment, but when you add that to the work he’s wanted to do, the jobs he’s had on his list, the schoolwork/assignment work he’s been doing (they have a new principal coming this term and he’s having to organise new timetables, teacher loads, etc etc etc), he’s not left much time to relax in there. At least today he’s relaxing .. sort of .. he’s taken off with a mate to drive a couple of hours to the West Coast of Tassie and then ride on their 4 wheeler motorbikes (known as quad bikes here) to the Pieman Heads .. and then back again by tonight! They’ll have fun but they’ll be absolutely cactus by the time they get back!

Anyway, I’ve bought 3 DVD’s (haven’t watched them yet though!) – The Avengers, One for the Money, and the Bourne Identity (yes, my viewing is eclectic), and also today picked up the new Terry Pratchett (Dodger), and another Kerry Greenwood (Heavenly Pleasures) which I’m looking forward to getting into! I’ve also realised how close the end of the year is – the new calendars are out and, instead of doing my usual inspecting and pondering practice, I bought one! It was the last one of it’s type and too nice to pass up J. Also bought the first Christmas present – book for my nephew – he’s really reading heaps so hopefully he’ll like it! We’re not travelling home this Christmas so they’ll all be getting gift cards but this is just a bonus ‘cause I saw it and thought he’d like it – I’m sure they’ll all end up with presents like that before I’m finished!

Still gradually unpacking the books into the book cases – ironic that when I FINALLY get the massive book cases my back is bung and I can’t fling myself into piling the books in at speed … but probably a blessing in disguise as I’m going through them and actually clearing some out (well, 7 or 8 so far .. but that’s good I think!!!!). The other down side (I prefer to think of it as a shopping opportunity though so it’s really an up side!) is that I’m finding all my series and finding out what books are missing … methinks I will have to be a good girl and jump onto a book website and see what I can pick up second hand rather than just leaping into the closest book shop – much my preferred option, I absolutely LOVE browsing in a bookshop but sometimes the budget must be thought of first!