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Date: 09 September 2012 23:15:44

(I wrote this on Thursday)
So what’s new with me?

Well… spring has sprung and the flowers are out and looking fabulous … which also brings into view the amount of weeding and work in the garden that needs doing – argh!

Mr Tasmania is holding on by the skin of his teeth to make it to the end of term 2, the winter term, the last time he’ll work through a term this long as Tasmania finally goes (like the rest of the country) to a 4 term school year from next year. He has a list a mile long of things to get done during his two weeks off, not least of which is finishing off the welding of our new front gates,which he has been working on for a number of months now. Once welded they go off to be sandblasted and undercoated (dipped) and then we get out the bright red paint – yay!

We start the holidays (his, not mine, I’m still at work) with a wedding in Hobart Saturday afternoon – school teachers of course – which should be lovely – could live without the 4 hour drive but oh well, at least we’ve got a place to stay for free and a wedding is always nice. [as it turns out, I didn't go, my back problems meant that I decided I couldn't sit for the four hour drive up and then back].

Monday we have our bookshelves installed … which may not sound exciting but it is a 6.5 metre long bookshelf, just over 2 metres high, that will run the whole length of our study/library … and will mean that all my books, for the first time in my life, will be in the one place! Currently they are in crates in the shed, on random temporary bookshelves in the study, in piles on the floor of the study, and scattered all over the house in little random piles. CAN NOT WAIT!

Mr Tas has had an extraordinarily busy term and is in great need of some time off, usually at this time of year he heads off for a week at Byron Bay with some mates however this year he has decided that he has too much to do here – and he is also staying to keep me company which is lovely - due to the back issues I can't walk the dog at present, and need someone for back massage duties (our house has a constant smell of liniment at the mo').

I’ve been having a very bad go with my back, since before Easter, and in the last week or two have been barely able to walk and have spent some nights propped up with 6 or so pillows on the couch as I have not been able to sleep lying down. After much time on various painkillers and lots of physio things have still continued to deteriorate. I’m doing my exercises at the hydrotherapy centre as I can’t do them on land and got the results of my CT scan yesterday – bulgy disks, slightly degenerated, and some osteoarthritis – not very nice to hear at 41!!!!

Anyway, we now have an anti-inflammatory that my system will tolerate (food intolerances make taking anything a fraught process!) and hopefully I’ll be able to do the exercises more often, build up the muscles, and get some relief from all this. It’s been very very tiring and very very wearing, and Mr Tasmania is a champion.