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Date: 15 April 2008 12:28:32

seriously ... who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Last January, as long time readers may recall, just a month or so after our wedding, a good friend died very suddenly at a very young age, leaving his wife and two children.

On Sunday morning, at 5:30am, the mum of his widow passed away, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour only a month ago. She was 66.

This morning I received an SMS from one of my old flatmates - her mum died last year, just before her (the flatmate's) 30th birthday, of cancer. Her father died this morning, of cancer. He was diagnosed three months ago.

Now, I'm not going to get maudlin about all this ... it's all incredibly sad and horrible. But I'm not going to take the route of dwelling on how life is just chance and you never know what will happen and depress myself. I KNOW my life was ordained before I was born, I KNOW where I am going after I die, and I have a pretty good idea of a lot of the people I"ll have hanging out with me ... will be pretty cool actually. In the meantime though ... enjoy your life, love the people around you, and don't waste time on what could/should have been - get out there and LIVE IT.

PS Both the good friend AND the mum had incredibly full lives and definitely made their mark - won't reduce the loss but it both increases and, I think, eases the memory of them.