of extended summers

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 15 April 2012 02:44:59

I've just planted out another daisy along the edge of the driveway garden as well as some pink nerines that mum/dad scavenged the forestry yesterday - they're currently out possibly buying a slippery dip at a garage sale and then going to dig up the agapanthus which some 'kind' gardener has dumped in the bush - my plan was to bring some of the agapanthus from the shack up to the garden here but I'd rather remove things from the bush where they don't belong - two birds with one stone!

It'sa brilliant sunny day, quite hot, which is fabulous - usually it's quite a deal colder than this already in a Tassie autumn, we've had SUCH a long summer, it's been hot since early November, it's wonderful! If only I didn't think the flip side is going to be a spectacularly cold winter .....

oh well, guess I'll have an opportunity to see if I still fit into all the jumpers I brought down here with me that I haven't been cold enough to wear yet .... :)