of being a hunter gatherer (or super ingredient reader!)

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Date: 27 March 2012 09:31:59

Much as I try to makea lot of food from scratch I work full time, as does Mr Tasmania, we have large garden to maintain, and a dog to walk/ look after, so quick and easy (or from the freezer) is often the order of the day in the evenings for dinner.

Having fructose malabsorption and an allergy to dairy does not make the grabbing of quick and easy foodstuffs all that easy actually. I am constantly on the hunt for things I can eat that he will also like, the ready meals, the quick meals etc - I like to cook from scratch but honestly, sometimes I just can't be bothered!

Today I had a victory! I have just made home made pizzas using a prepacked Pizza Crust, spotted in my local supermarket today (which means they're new in 'cause I scope out new and possibly edible food items ad nauseum- I am an ingredient queen!). BEAUTIFUL tasting and, while I was waving the box at my husband, I realised that on the front, along with the 'gluten free' icon, it had a 'fructose friendly' icon! He said I should've noticed that first, I said I read ingredients not the front of boxes these days! And I'm really excited as 2 work colleagues and I are driving down to Hobart for training tomorrow (overnight stay, Hobart is 4 hours away,, we'll leave after lunch - no passenger trains in Tassie!) and I will now have something to take with me to eat cold (love cold pizza!) if the lunch provided at training does not suit (they asked for dietary issues ... I can only imagine what they've come up with!) - hooray!

This goes along with my experimentation which has led to the development of a taco powder which tastes exactly likethe bought powders but without the onion powder (a HUGE no no for me is the old onion!), so I'm expanding my repertoire of quick and easy and healthy - I know, tacos and pizza are healthy? Oh yes they are, depends what you put on / with them :) and how many you eat - and when so many 'healthy' foods are essentially poison to me eg onion, apple,cabbage, wheat, pears, peaches, plums, asparagus, peas, artichokes etc etc etc need I go on, something like a soft cornflour tortilla filled with lovely lean mince, onion free spicy powder, and topped with avocado, tomato, lettuce, capsicum, andpossibly somegrated goats cheese is heavenly! :)