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Date: 22 April 2008 05:12:14

yes, I've been away - headed up home (parents) for a wedding on Saturday and a baptism on Sunday - all very good and enjoyable, more details later.

In the process I worked Thursday until 5pm (after waking up at 5:30am -didn't have to walk JD but didn't go back to sleep), drove 2 hours to Launceston (with a slight detour in the WRONG direction), got on the plane at 8:45pm, landed in Sydney at 10:35pm, found KombiBro, dropped him off at his place then drove to parents place and hit the bed at 1am Friday.

Friday a niece and nephew arrived early so no real sleep in to catch up (I had a beautician appointment too). Two other nephews arrived soon after and I had a busy day with them all, and mum/dad, then they all went home and I later went to visit KombiBro and kids, then BroBoss and kids, made it home for dinner with parents at 7pm and into bed by 10pm - wasted! (in the tired sense of the word thank you!)

KombiBro and kids arrived early SAturday to see 'Aunty Sis' some more, which was lovely but yet again no sleep in. Then off to the wedding down the coast at noon (dad, mum, and BroBoss all part of ceremony and reception musically - I managed to get out of it as the song requested didn't suit my register :)). GREAT wedding, first one for her at 49, great match, really pleased - but longest reception in the known universe, we left at 10pm (which meant we got home about 11:30pm) and nobody else showed any sign of leaving - and don't get me started on the speeches! Not bad, not lewd, not nasty, most quite funny - just lots and loooonnnnggg!!!!!

Sunday up at 7:30 to get house organised and ready to go for baptism at 9:30am then hordes of people back afterwards - which was also great.

Unfortunately I was starting to show certain abdominal symptoms which have now led to me taking today off work and, I think, probably tomorrow. I thought it was just tiredness (my innards are always the first to show when I'm too tired - I think I'd rather get a headache to be honest!) but turns out dad and BroBoss have had gastro'ish symptoms in the last week - and, as I had it a fortnight or so ago I think I was a bit susceptible. Big blessing that I had only the symptoms of tiredness between noon Monday and 8pm Monday, which was travel time from airport in Sydney, flying to Launceston, and two hour drive home! Don't even want to think about what the drive would have been like otherwise!!!!

So, anyway, I'm drinking water and sleeping a lot - and the sun is out which always makes staying home and spending the day in bed just that little bit more bearable :)

And I'm back with my boy so it's worth it! We've spent time apart before but that was work related - this was a family thing and he wasn't with me and, to be honest, I DIDN'T LIKE IT and we won't be doing that again if we can avoid it. Took me 35 years of turning up at family things by myself before I found him and I'm really just not that into doing it anymore.