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Date: 26 March 2012 05:09:01

We had a lovely weekend, did some stuff on Saturday, mainly around home (includng more weeding - my goodness we've had a weedy summer/autumn!), then Mr Tasmania headed off at 10pm (yes, that's PM) to Penguin to join his school kids (and another two or three teachers - and half the district!) in the Rel*ay for Life, a walk for to raise money for breast cancer research; Luckily it was not as bitter a night as it had been on Friday however when he slid back into bed at 6.45am, after driving for half an hour with the heaters on full, he was still frozen! I stayed for a while but decided to leave him to it :) ... as he was tired before he did the night shift we had a quiet day yesterday (Sunday), including visiting friends for a chat, coffee and cake at a local cafe/garden (well, it was lunchtime, but he hadn't arise until nearly 10.30!), then home to the papers and some lazing about. He's at work today I'm on a flex, still not quite used to having days to myself, feel like I need to run around and work and work and work ... so I've done a bit, including putting in some plants (baby bunching broccoli, silverbeet, cascading lobelia, ivy geranium, pansies, and something else that escapes me at the moment). I've also caught up (except for the birthday that falls today of one of the great - nephews) with card writing and present posting, and am even two weeks into April! I've swept the floors but the cleaning stuff and the recipes I want to do today are still sitting on the kitchen island .. I decided it was time to sit and watch a cooking show and do a little net surfing :) ...

I really am just hanging out for my Easter hols - 11 days off in a row, hallelujah! and the parents will be here too, they haven't been down since Feb LAST year (though we have been up, so we haven't been completely deserted) ... will be great to hang out with them! ... only 6 1/2 working days to go! (I'm not counting the 1 1/2 days of training in Hobart - that's a road trip!).