of changes

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 12 March 2012 04:56:07

and there has been a change, a big change, in my circumstances. The last 2 years havebeen a big voyage of illness and working out what can and can't be done about it. I saw the haematologist on Thursday and he says that my iron levels have been so consistently good that I could cancel my next iron infusion, havea blood test every six weeks just to check that things haven't gone haywire, and he'd see me in four months. Just like that.

Amazing. Discovering all the foods i could not eat, having a (relatively) minor operation, and 10 or 12 episodes of 6 hours of sitting in the oncology day ward having half a litre of iron pumped into me and all ofa sudden I'm off the merrygoround, pretty much.

Almost too fast to grasp hold of.

This means that my food changes have worked. This means that all the testing, procedures, operations, and infusions have worked. This means that the prayer of all those praying for me have had impact! This means that having to endless juggle sick leave and flex days for appointments and never having any time off to myself has worked!!!

I've actually had two whole flex days to myself now.... I nearly cried the morning of the first one and realised I didn't have to be anywhere ... not work, not doctor, not specialist, not hospital, nowhere ... and I didn't have to be anywhere ALL DAY!

.... change in lifestyle, again, but hopefully a permanent good change!