of coming home (to Tas)

Categories: gardening, beautiful-husband, jd-the-amazing-blue-heeler, tasmania, christmas

Date: 03 January 2012 19:59:42

well we're back ... after flat battery in dad's car when he picked us up in NSW we landed in Launceston to a flat battery here! Actually, kind of hilarious, though it was late (8pm - thank goodness for daylight savings, would've been slightly less funny in the middle of winter!) and the RACT hadn't shown up after 45 mins - luckily we got a jump start from a very nice airport employee and we made it home just before 11pm (it's a 2 hour drive from the airport) ... everything has grown, a LOT!

Looks like it's going to be a busy day of lawn mowing, weeding, and general tidying up of the frowsty garden ... but first order of business is to pick up JD the Wonder Dog from the kennel - his longest stay ever, 11 days - wonder if he'll be talking to us?