of feeling better and ANZAC Day

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Date: 25 April 2008 08:58:38

It's ANZAC Day, primary day of remembrance for those Australia and New Zealand Army Corps men who died at Gallipoli - yes, most died, and it's probably part of the Australian and New Zealand psychology that nobody can really explain ... but it's not glorification of war, it's remembrance of valour and honour and men who were prepared to give their all for their country even in the knowledge of almost certain death ... some think it glorifies failure but it doesn't ... see, told you it's hard to explain!
Anyway, we didn't go to a service or even watch the Sydney Dawn Service on telly ... though we did watch a bit of the service at Currumbin in Queensland, which was quite interesting.

I'm feeling enormously better and have eaten a proper meal for the first time since Sunday so we celebrated by sleeping in, pootling about with stuff about the house, then driving to Wynyard and moving some stuff from the parents in law's garage up to the shed at our block (we've finally gotten more insurance on it so we're moving my boxes and stuff gradually - most of it I haven't seen since October 2006 or earlier!). We then went to Burnie to get a new dog ID tag and LED light (we walk in the dark morning and night at this time of year, so the little flashing party lights on his collar are great!) ... Mr Tasmania worked on his dad's car bonnet (he's repainting it) and went and did the groceries ... now we're home and it's absolutely BELTING down rain now so lovely, a nice night in with rain on the corrugated iron - YAY