of singleness

Categories: beautiful-husband

Date: 03 September 2011 22:24:21

no, don't panic, I'm not single! I'm just by myself until Friday :) ... well, by myself except for JD the Wonderdog!
Mr Tasmania has headed off on a well deserved 5 day break at crescent head http://www.visitnsw.com/town/Crescent_Head.aspx?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term={keyword}&utm_campaign=AO%2BNorth%2BCoast&2473PSEM&gclid=CIOAzo2OgqsCFUpT4godBDUa3w with some mates (it's finally the end of a very long second term!) and I'm still at work.

ah well, I don't begrudge him his holiday, he totally deserves a break and will have fun with these mates (3 have just turned or are about to turn 40), and I'm having 4 days off next week so we get a break together, but i miss him :(
The best thinga about him going away is that he will be AWAY ie he won't be mowing, whippersnipping, weeding, building, working on our new gates, working on stuff inside the house, working on stuff outside the house, doing pre work for term 3, working working working! He'll actually play, surf, sit around, chat, have a beer, (hopefully not get sunburnt), get covered in sand, get hot (it's supposed to rain but it's still nearly 10degs C warmer than here at the mo'), eat, have more beer, talk more, read a book, surf some more ... an actual real BREAK.

So, I can't be too selfish and wish him back here when I know he's having that good a break ... but I kind of wish he could be in two places at once :)