Of "The Census"

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 09 August 2011 10:36:32

It's Census Night in Oz and Mr Tasmania and I have just completed our first Census Form together - an eCensus no less, half an hour, beginning to end. I like the Census, I like finding out all the stuff when results come out and knowing that my info will be of use in determining 'stuff' for my area and state and country in general.

Two interesting things - a large number of my answers were utterly different to those I gave in the last census - check back if you like and see where I was at in mid-2006 .. it wasn't in Tasmania, and it wasn't married, and it wasn't a (mortgate holding) home owner, and it wasn't working in aged care ... lots of change!

Interesting thing two - the last question involves giving permission to have your personal information stored and then made available in 99 years ... I said yes, he said no - INTERESTING! I guess, realistically, any question asked on the census you can ask me to my face and I"ll give you the answer (except possibly income ... but probably!) .. and I also figure that in 99 years all my information will a) be boring and b) be findable anyway, so why would it matter?

So, anyway, we've been good citizens and done our duty :) ... in just on half an hour :)