of rainy weekends

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Date: 25 April 2008 23:16:47

love 'em ... even though I had lots and lots and lots of plans for the garden ... we had 20mm rain last night and it's still raining now ... though I can see little bits of blue peeking through the clouds. It's not hat cold and there's a robin (or what I call a Robin, until I find my bird book!) sitting on the mirror of Mr Tasmania's car, it's quite a nice day actually.

I think I'll do a lot of stuff indoors, make ANZAC bikkies (of course), and make little runs outside when the rain clears, to try out my new super duper purple latex gardening gloves - tough AND waterproof :)

There's always stuff to do when you're a gardener :) - I have lots of ambitions and not much money to throw about so am slowly striking geraniums to plant all over the place - I'm also working on ideas with agapanthus, fuchsias, daisies, and lots and lots of naturalised bulbs, violas, and alyssum ... aiming to make the Shack garden low upkeep but colourful all year round. I also have plans to make this our orchard for plants which are just that bit too fragile to live up at the Block (or to thrive, anyway) - things like a bay tree, tahitian lime, lemon trees, orange trees - apples will hopefully go in both places ... and I'm even thinking about trying a Jacaranda, as I saw one at the nursery in Somerset and it looked happy enough - and it's colder and windier and much more exposed there than it is here so that'd be nice ... maybe might even try a frangipani next Summer .... maybe!