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Date: 11 May 2011 10:03:28

I thought I should update re the revelation posted earlier. We went home (remember, I use home for Tassie and the home I grew up in interchangeably, so don't read anything into that :) ) for Easter and it was great. Just great, really really great :) Seriously, the first time in literally 20+ years that I have come back from whereever I was and not felt conflicted and upset and churned up coming and going ... the usual run of things is excitement to be heading home to see everyone, love it while I'm there, alternating with attacks of the irrits for no real reason, hating that I'm going but also sometimes relieved to be gone (relieved to be escaping the mad emotions I guess), then relieved to be back where I'd come from and then, the final thing, being irritable and discombobulated for a few days after getting back to 'real' life. and then the whole series starts all over again the next time I head back to the old home turf. This time? Nothing. Loved it. Was happy to be going, excited about seeing everyone, didn't really get peeved at the airport in the 2 hour delay, loved being home, loved seeing everyone, just settled in and enjoyed it, had a good flight home (even with the one hour in the plane on the tarmac int he rain while we waited in line to take off ... didn't like that much but what can you do?!), the trip home was fine (2 hours from the airport), and the just a little readjustment angst - and that was more cause I only had 3 more days off more than anything else. So, I think the aforementioned revelation has been totally confirmed! Seriously, I've felt better ever since I had it ... and that's quite an amazing thing - go God! On that other hand I'm now a crock as a result of a fall at work but hey, what's life without a little drama?