of catching up and feeling well

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 26 March 2011 07:01:19

well, we haven't quite managed to catch up with the going to church bit ... we were all set to go tomorrow when Mr Tas's nephew messaged me to say he'd be in town Sunday morning and could he come up - so of course I said yes - he lives in Gladstone QLD, we're in Tas, that's about 2/3''s of the length of Aus apart, so couldn't really put him off eh! And thank goodness for people coming to visit! A friend came up today at 11.30 - our house has been truly horrifyingly dirty for the last two weeks, due to us being away for two weekends and both working full time and me being not well for a bit .. so, finally, we have some good weather AND someone coming to visit - usually good weather means i'm out in the garden but the visit was all the impetus I needed to stay inside and make a start on the horror. So last night I worked and worked and worked ... and this morning did the same. There's still heaps to go but I've got the most horrible all done which is fabulous - and I feel really healthy too so life is good. Amazing how a little cleaning can make you feel like your whole world is on track!