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Categories: life-in-general

Date: 03 March 2011 09:29:52

Find of the day: Woolies (one of the Big Two supermarkets in Oz) has introduced a second line of permanent bags – by this I mean the bags you buy and bring back each week to lug your shopping in. The original green and blue (freezer) bags have many many many uses in my world, and there are a large number of them cluttering up the boot of the half car. However, they are basically green plastic or some such, and therefore whilst they are saving the use of VAST amounts of thin plastic bags on a weekly basis they too are essentially non biodegradable. Today I came upon a new iteration … the 100% jute Macro bag! ‘tis a tad more expensive at $1.99 BUT is made of lovely Indian jute (I’m figuring the green bags are made in China [and possibly the plastic bags too!] so the miles it travelled are almost irrelevant) with beautiful rope handles – so it will either finish in my compost heap or get chopped up to go in the worm café or under a pile of bark mulch in the garden. Love it! Mind you, will still be using the green bags, possibly until I’m 90, as they show no signs of wearing thin. Any ideas on recycling these will be gratefully accepted! I could get rid of them all and start again but that strikes me as about as environmentally friendly as all those people who rushed out to immediately replace their old light bulbs with the new whiz bang green bulbs instead of just replacing them as they wore out. Oh, and to hark back to an oldie but a goodie … shoes of the day are kitten heeled multicoloured hearts on a pink base ‘I Love Billy’s … very comfy and not at all clunky work shoes :)