of new years

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 30 December 2010 21:21:54

well, new years for us tonight :) ... and I'm yet again making no resolutions ... I will have goals, aims, and aspirations, but none of them are going to be written down ... except those which are already in our 5 year plan (soon to be rewritten as this is year 5 of our marriage - wow, how did that go by so fast?). Today we are doing a few tidying things around the house (car washing, sweeping, de cobwebbing, paying bills) then heading down to Sist*rs Be*ch to the shack (where Mr Tasmania's parents have been ensconced since 15 December) to do nothing except sit on the banana lounge with a book and a nice cool drink this afternoon. Later on this evening we will join the 'young ones' (that'd be the 30's - 40's set and their kids, as opposed to the teenagers/'20's!) down at the creek/beach for bbq dins etc and then possibly drop in on the 'old' ones (everyone from 30 upwards who aren't down at the beach) for one section of their 3 house progressive celebration (we're thinking probably mains) ... and then back to the beach (possibly the hairdressers house) for firew*rks (sssshhh, not quite allowed!) for new years, then back to the shack to collapse into bed. JD the wonder dog is coming too, so far he has proven immune to fireworks though does spend most of his time barking at various parties so he should be okay. In fact last year another dog who ran away during the fireworks came straight around to JD for comfort, which was lovely to see :) Anyway, as we move into the new year, I wish you all the best for a wonderful year and if last year (this year still) sucked I wish you a far better one for 2011!!!!