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Categories: life-in-general, whimsical-bits, beautiful-husband, stupid-food-allergy

Date: 16 December 2010 08:25:37

I was thinking the other day that, instead of a list of new year resolutions, maybe we could make a list of things we've achieved in the last year - the positive stuff!

It's been a heck of a year in many respects .... but there's been lots of positives too.

One big positive (just to start myself on this thinking process) has been discovering, in the main part anyway, that I have a food allergy - and what that allergy is - and how to start the process of dealing with it (note that I didn't say 'living with it' ... I don't claim this as 'mine', I don't want it, I believe in healing, and I'll claim that instead .. however in the meantime I will do all that I can to heal my poor old bod myself).

In a minor way I've achieved even tonight - I finally made salt and pepper squid (or calamari, depending how you feel). I love this (even though I can't stand eating fish) and have wanted to try making it for ages. I bought a spice mix from a deli (www.herbies.com.au salt and pepper squid spice mix) last year and bought some squid hoods earlier this year ... which then defrosted all over my fridge, leaving a nice ammoniacal smell and leading to the throwing out of many things and the throwing up of hands in frustration and the throwing of the spice packet to the back of the pantry.

Today I bit the bullet, bought 3 large squid hoods (too much, as it turns out, but then we ate it all anyway!), got out the vegie oil and the spice mix, and got frying ... and it worked! It was lovely! I'm now pleasantly full of salt and pepper squid and nothing else for my dinner, which is not very food pyramidy of me but there's salad stuff in the fridge and I might get to some of that later ... maybe :). I'm usually very good at eating fruit and vef so the occasional night off shouldn't kill me :)