of the leadup to Christmas ... it can only get better :)

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 23 December 2010 22:47:04

so far ... he's had salmonella poisoning since Friday night (from part of our anniversary dinner, can you believe it!). Apparently a lot of other people got it that night and the night before, from the same dessert - which I ate too BUT due to the dreaded food allergies (who ever thought I'd be grateful!!!!!) I did not eat the home made icecream, which appears to have been the cause of the trouble! Amazing, Jesus definitely looking after this one at the moment! Well intestinally wise anyway .. possibly allowing her to be her own klutsy self as well as I took a spill on the bathroom floor yesterday too - ended up flat out on the floor BUT missed hitting my head on the tiled walls, didn't break the phone which I had in my hand at the time, and so far am only a bit stiff, have sore knees (particularly the right which took the whole load at first), and the backs of my arms are sore (who knows why!) ... so a pretty good escape I guess :) So, despite the fact that we are possibly going to have to grit our teeth to get through lunch with our sister in law (who is not high on everyone's favourite list at the moment), Christmas day is looking great! Hope everyone has a fantastic day (despite weather woes worldwide - I honestly think this little part of Tas is possibly the only bit of the world that is just fine at the moment!) and hope it's a lovely lead in to a wonderful blessed 2011 for all!