of The Big 0 (as she is being known in Oz)

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Date: 14 December 2010 09:00:03

You may or may not know that Opr*h is currently touring Australia with 300 of her audience members (filming two shows today at the Opera House in Sydney). I'm a fan of Oprah (not a scary snotty nosed sobbing fan, nor a blind to the human failings kinda fan, but a nice normal think she's a pretty cool lady who has done some good things with what she has and has the power to do a lot of good stuff kinda fan). I like watching her shows (mostly, can't stand the new agey deepak ch*pra dr pill kinda shows - more the giveaway heaps of stuff, show heart warming families, book reviewy kinda shows) and I love the magazine (though I don't buy it often 'cause it's ex-pen-SIVE!!). Today, I have abandoned even the tiniest bit of cynicism I may have retained in my classic Aussie cynical soul - and I know the money came via Xb*x but if it wasn't for Oprah it wouldn't have come at all - Oprah gave two of my friends, Kristi*n and R*chel Anders*n $250,000 so they can cover medical expenses and living expenses whilst Kristi*n fights both liver and bowel cancer. You may have seen Kristi*n on tv earlier this year, in a video he made for R*chel's birthday, which featured Hugh J*ckman ... whilst we're not bosom buddies they're people I knew relatively well at church in Sydney and whom I've always gotten on well with ... and this is just the biggest blessing possible (aside from the healing miracle we're all praying for!) to them and their two gorgeous little boys. God (via Opr*h and Xb*x) is good!