of road trips (which I can do because, thankfully, we have no snow)

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 02 December 2010 20:05:44

I'm going on road trip tomorrow ... we've bought a new car (Mitsubishi Trit*n V6 2001 for those who care - I don't particularly, as long as it goes) (oh, and it's burgundy and silver - I don't care about that much either, I'm just thankful it's not dark green, dark red, or dark blue). Anyhoo - new car is in Sydney, I'm in Tasmania - 1200km's apart - and I have Monday off and husband doesn't so I'm tagged. Which is not a bad thing (even though it's a big drive) because 1) I don't have to do it all in one day; 2) I get to attend my niece's 5th birthday (last one I was home for she was turning 1 and wasn't that interested in my presence); 3) I get to see younger brothers major house renovations; 4) I get to see youngest brothers smaller house modifications; 5) I get to see all the landscaping changes my parents have been making; 6) I get to see enormous amounts of rain and flooding (dad said the rain they had last weekend [71mm in 3/4 hr + 3 hail storms] is the most rain in one day for 10 years for them); 7) I get to have an adventure; 8) I get to stay in a nice 4 star hotel (in Albury, 5 hours into the trip - means I only have all day to drive 4 hours on Monday - yay!); 9) I get to drive through Melbourne - which I have never done ... don't know that this is such a bonus BUT if I can get around Sydney I should (hopefully) be able to manouvre my way around Melbourne because, as far as I can tell from previous trips as a passenger, their road signs (and i'm not being disloyal just honest) are a HELL of a lot better! Phew! And then, Monday night, I'm on the Spirit (Sp1rit of T*smania, ocean going car/freight ferry that crosses B*ss Strait to Tasmania from Melbourne to Devonport) .. in a recliner chair .. which is not too bad because they're in their own little area which you need card access to get into (so relatively secure) and it's quieter than the rest of the ship and I'm also not sharing a cabin at ridiculous expense. Then I get off the boat in Devonport at 6am, drive home (1 - 1.5 hours'ish), have a cup of tea!, get changed into my work uniform ... and go to work, where hopefully I will not disgrace myself through not having slept on the boat ... fingers crossed. So, road trip adventures here we come!