of being legendary

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Date: 09 November 2010 09:14:13

at least in my own dinner time!

pardon me blowing my own trumpet, I'm just a little bit pleased with myself. The finding out of the allergy and the subsequent attempting to get myself on an even keel has been ... well ... uneven

finding things that I thought I could eat I can't eat

finding things that were good on the old original list are not good on the new list ... and they're things I've been eating lots of 'cause they were good ... but now they're bad

finding out that things that I thought were super duper okay now have an additive which is seriously not good .. and not knowing whether it was just me being dumb and it was there all the time or if it's a new thing

and in all of this trying to actually eat without boring myself to death - and feed my wonderful boy (who likes his food quite plain thank you Jesus) who does not deserve to descend into a diet of rice crackers with vegemite 'cause that's all my brain can cope with after a long day/week at work

So, back to being legendary :)

We had taco's for tea. No big deal you may say. Have you read the ingredients in the taco powder? There's onion in there ... and onion would be public enemy number one.

I nearly cried in the supermarket, I'd so been looking forward to them 'cause I already knew the hard taco's are made from corn (good) and I'd whipped up a batch of 'not quite cheese' last night (hooray) and I had lettuce and hadn't eaten my fruit quota so could chop up some tomato (ripper!) .. but now I couldn't even use the flavouring ....

:) hang on a minute

Brain into gear, read the INGREDIENTS! I have all of them in my cupboard - salt, sugar, garlic salt, cumin (seeds and powder), paprika, and oregano ... I can MAKE this!!!!

So I did ... and it was good - not great, just good, but next time it will be AMAZING!

And, to quote my husband, 'thank you PartyMum for teaching MissLisa to cook'!!!!!!!' ... while she may not ever have gone to quite this extent of making a flavouring she's certainly made meals out of virtually nothing over the years - thanks mum!!!!!