of giving up in a big way

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 11 November 2010 19:43:00

I did that last night ... I was SO out of sorts, SO discombobulated and all over the place that, while I was shopping, I just said that's it, I give up, and bought a packet of Twisties. And they were REALLY GOOD!!!!! I may not feel so good in a day or so (these things take their time to work through) but I don't care. I also didn't care so much that when I ordered the chinese food to feed us and the guy who came to slash our paddocks I again said stuff it ... and instead of ordering the garlic prawns which I can have on this new regime ordered the sweet and sour pork, which is my usual ... and ate it all ... 12 hours later so far so good ... but honestly, i don't care ... I've been absolutely as good as it is possible to be since June .. and there's only so much a girl can take.