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Date: 07 November 2010 08:15:15

at which I am not completely fabulous, to be honest. it's one of those things i've always done kind of 'in passing' .. machien sewing, that is. I always got good marks in school but that's about all I did. my nan was good, my mum was good (but not interested) ... I'm very so so. So, anyhoo, I have my grandmother's old Singer Stylist 502 ... I've used it in the past (it's the same was mum's last machine - she updated in the late '80's [she and nan bought the machine's together in 1974!!!!]), enough so I can thread it without having to look at the manual (which I do not have, so phew really!) - this does not mean I'm good at sewing! Just have good muscle memory! Anyhoo, long story short, recently refurbished and now has it's timing all right so I've been sewing up some cushions (VERY badly I might add). Shockingly wavery edges ... seriously bad memory for which way in or out the overhang should be ... no 1 is just okay (but I hand sewed that), no 2 is .. awful actually but I'll get away with it 'cause I sewed on some ribbon edging and I'm going to put a couple of big red buttons on it to make it look 'fancy', no 3 is ... well, it's been cut out, that's all I"ll say. I've got the day off tomorrow so I'm going to give the subconscious time to percolate and remember some of those skills I used to have (when I was 16) in hopes that tomorrow I"ll turn out a respectable, very basic, cushion cover. Cross your fingers for me!