of 40th birthday surprises ...

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Date: 19 October 2010 10:11:12

So, had my 40th birthday last Thursday – was great :)

Had my party last Saturday arvo/night – was excellent!

Biggest bonus was the surprise appearance of my youngest brother! I don’t want to put his pic up here without permission (and my family doesn’t know I blog) but anyone who knows me on Fbook can see our pic, I posted it Sunday pm :)

Was a huge surprise, I was outside greeting some guests and a little green car that I didn’t recognise rolled in … I looked at the guy and couldn’t believe it! Mr Tasmania was equally flabbergasted. A friend asked who the guy was, he casually said ‘Lisa’s brother KombiBro’ … then 20 seconds later said ‘*$#&, it’s Lisa’s brother KombiBro!’

Hilarious! The girls were all surprised that I didn’t cry … but my hands shook for an hour!

Was great as the KombiBro knows a number of people who were at the party so was very warmly welcomed. He stayed with us at the shack and then next day we took him up to the new house (which only my parents of my family have seen) and he stayed Sunday night there as well. His company supplied the wooden flooring that Mr Tasmania and I laid so he (who has also done his fair share of floor laying!) quite enjoyed checking that out, as well as the house.

He headed off on Monday for a leisurely drive (ie taking advantage of no kids!) back to Launceston and an afternoon flight and I still can’t quite believe he was here!