of gorgeous days and gardening

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Date: 03 May 2008 11:53:10

I got out of bed at 7:15am today, almost a two hour sleep in (yay!), Mr Tasmania took JD for a walk at 7am and got the paper, I got organised, he WAS organised, we were out of the house by 8:45am - not bad. We went to Wynyard, where Mr Tasmania put some clear sealant on the paint job he'd done on his dads car, whilst I took the (slightly over excited!) blue heeler for a half hour walk around town.

He did really well, peed on so many things that he ran himself dry about 10 minutes before we got back!, met a Dalmatian and had a bit of a chat, and coped well with lots of traffic - he's a farm dog who lives in a very small village and doesn't see lots of traffic at once very often - three cars in a row is BIG - so I was really pleased.

We then went up to the Block, Mr Tasmania put the trailer on the landrover, and we got out the rideon mower - I mowed, he went and picked up a metre of fine pine bark.

We put all the bark over old cardboard boxes, flattened and stabbed, which was placed around the first five grevilleas on the right hand side of our driveway. We'd done the original 10 grevilleas a week or two after they were planted (a year ago this month), and did the camellia at the top of the driveway but it is well and truly time we started on the rest so we made a start this weekend. Probably 4 - 8 inches of mulch over the cardboard should keep most of the 'orrible weeds down, we hope! It does look gorgeous though - I would say go and check my flickr site except for the fact that I forgot to take the camera :)

I went and got lunch around 2pm and we ate it sitting on my lovely green wire chairs with our feet on logs outside our shed, in the sun, looking at our beautiful view - and admiring our well behaved dog who was very polite and didn't jump at any food, just tried to look soulful and hard done by :)

Mr Tasmania finished off the mowing and we headed back home - and had time for him to clean out the landrover (removing evidence of DOG) and I did a bit of pruning and laid out the first of the white stones in the kitchen garden. They're my trial stones, just to see if my idea will work - and it will, they look great! Read a bit of the paper then off for a lovely walk along the beach, getting back just on dark (6pm) and now relaxing, finishing the paper, had dinner, VERY satisfied with our day.

Hopefully we'll achieve as much tomorrow :)