of food allergies

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Date: 01 October 2010 22:39:05

I'm going to the allergist on Monday afternoon - I don't know what to expect but what I'm really hoping is that he gives me some definite yes or no's, not just probablies ... definites will mean I can move on and do stuff, probablies (apologies) will just give me the shits ... and if you read the article I've linked below you'll see why that's actually really funny :)


In addition to the above (low fodmap / fructose malabsorption diet) I've also been off dairy, soy and coffee for about 7 weeks now .... and because I don't know any definites (though I've pretty positive about the dairy) I can't really reorganise the pantry .. it's all kind of bitsy diet wise ... and I still have to cater for Mr Tasmania, which is not a problem actually but I have to recognise that he doesn't have the issues and his food likes shouldn't suffer because I've got problems.

Which is why making my bacon/mushroom carbonara/boscaiola mix involves a very large frying pan and 3 saucepans (2 large 1 small) to cater for my rice cream and rice/corn pasta as well as his wheat pasta and the proper carbonara (which has real cream in it) ... you may say why not feed him rice/corn pasta as well? Well that'd be because I can buy 1kg of wheat pasta for about $1.25 ... and 300gms rice/corn pasta for about $5.00 ... yes, I'm expensive to run! :)

Anyhoo ... looking forward to Monday just so I know ... I think it'll be better to go in with no expectations rather than hopes which may be dashed ....