of Sundays

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Date: 03 May 2008 23:59:52

we're not going to church today, a music pastor from my old church in Sydney is down here preaching and, to be honest, I've got nothing against her but I'm not actually interesting in anything she has to say. I think I"m at a point in my life where I'm interested in Bible teaching, more exposition and hermaneutics, and practical application to living my life, rather than the joys of worship - believe me, I understand the joys of worship, love it, quite happy not to be preached to about it by someone who's worship style I've never quite believed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bagging her, I'm not saying she's a fake, I'm not saying I don't like her - truly - I'm just not interested in anything she has to say, if I'm honest. She is a fabulous singer, guitarist, song writer ... and has a lot to say to the church.

It's interesting actually, that there are preachers/pastors/ministers/leaders in the church and quite often there is horror if you voice a seemingly negative opinion. There is a very popular prophetic minister who has preached within my church movement for years and all his preaching is immensely well attended, perfectly Biblical, amazing proven prophecies etc - and he's a man I like personally, I've had a good chat with him once, he's a lovely man - but I CAN'T STAND his preaching - I really can't - I basically leave if he starts talking. Like fingernails on the blackboard. I guess, like everything, some things we like, some things give us the pip! :)

anyway ... it's one of those kind of almost rainy almost sunny days, can't quite make up it's mind. So I'm going to put the washing out in full knowledge that it will probably get rained on ... because it mightn't ...

And then I'm going to start my little boring list of house things to do - and then, hopefully, I'll get out in the shack garden and do some much needed weeding - we've had rain, and it's still relatively warm for the beginning of May in North West Tasmania, so of course all the weeds and grass is growing like the clappers! The BroBoss and ChilliGirl will be down here in a fortnight and I'd kind of like it to look as if I've made SOME sort of an effort.

Mr Tasmania and JD are out on a bacon hunt ...... porridge, crumpets, or toast apparently don't cut it on the weekend, it's poached eggs and bacon all the way!