of updated fire reports

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Date: 19 October 2008 11:27:45

Apparently a very silly man decided it was ideal weather conditions (hot with gusty winds strengthening) to do some burning off around his house ... as you do in potentially dangerous fire conditions ..... and of course it got away from him ... as it would ....

So, the final score is ... bushwalkers rescued, silly man's house luckily not burnt to the ground, no other houses damaged, and fire currently burning it's way up over the top of the ridge in a long line at the end of town heading West into the National Park. Apparently there is little more than scrubby grass and low bushes up over the top, and it's sparse topsoil over the solid rock of the Sisters Hills, so it's moving very slowly against the prevailing wind. The fire service has checked it out in the helicopters and are just leaving it to burn itself out. Will be FASCINATING to take a look down there tomorrow at what's been left behind.

Mr Tasmania tells me it hadn't been burnt out there for 10 years or so, so the fire load was pretty solid, so it's probably a good thing it happened now, rather than later in the season when it had become really dry and scary.

It's never dull really ...