You Are Not Alone

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Date: 07 December 2009 11:27:12

Infertility is a long, long journey. From first suspicions that things are not going as smoothly to even the first medical consultation is such a big step it can take years. Like many traumatic events in life it is necessary to work through the stages of grief. Not just once, but with almost every new progression and setback from first inklings to every failed attempt at treatment.

Somewhere along this path, often quite late on comes the acknowledgement that this is not a journey to be made alone. There is support, there are many, many others going through this same thing at the same time. And of course there are internet forums where all of these many people can provide mutual help, advice, support and sometimes a virtual shoulder to cry on.

These are not medical professionals, neither are they close friends (in fact many people will very much protect their identity, more so than anywhere else whilst posting on these boards). What they are though is a mass of people who immediately understand, no explanation needed, and a community where infertility is the norm. The importance of this can never be underestimated.

The most popular forum in Britain, and one that I anonymously frequent is here, but there are many more across the world. It takes a while to work around the conventions, bubbles, fairydust, many many acronyms, but for those at any stage on this journey it can make a lot of difference.

And remember - You Are Not Alone.

(Edited to add, sorry just okayed a couple of comments I thought I had approved ages ago that were still in my pending file. Oops, sorry guys, and thanks xxx)