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Date: 27 November 2009 11:50:41

Surfer has tagged me as a 'gorgeous blog' (thanks sweetie). This means I get to write six things about me that aren't generally known and then tag some other people... ok then. 1, I have a huge collection of children's books. Some are the ones I couldn't part with as a child, but many have been bought as an adult. They are kept seperately from my other books, and any visiting children are welcome to use my house as a library. 2, I shout at the telly quite frequently (especially Wales Today and its attempts to pass off uninteresting facts as news for half an hour most weeknights). 3, My shoes and boots always get scuffed on top of the toes and on the inside left ankle. I probably walk funny. 4, Despite thinking for years that the best accompaniment to eggy bread was tomato ketchup, I have conceeded that maple syrup is miles better. My Brownies agree. 5, I have seven cousins, four of them live in Australia. I've occasionally been tempted to emigrate there, but on the whole prefer Britain. 6, I always do handmade Christmas cards, but have no design ideas at all this year, and not much time either. Five blogs that could be absolutely gorgeous if they updated more often are: Rebranded Miss-Guided Legally Blonde Confessions of a Bamphire Mother and Backburner OK, slightly bending the rules there, but let's hope to get at least one of these people blogging soonish!