As the clock struck 10...

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Date: 03 November 2009 08:00:29

*Disclaimer - this post was not written this morning, I am deliberately posting these entries on different dates so that I can be fully open about this IVF stuff without people knowing exactly what is happening when. It's a self preservation thing, with all of the injected hormones I become a bit of an emotional wreck, and am saving myself the pressure of people curious to know outcomes before I'm ready to tell.

Last night's injection was not one I looked forward to. As far as the physical injection went it was the easiest of the cycle so far, it comes in a pre-filled syringe, so it was just a case of removing it from the package, which had been kept in the fridge since it arrived by courier with the rest of the drugs oh, so long ago, pulling off the cap and stabbing it in as usual. the difficult part was the anticipation.

This particular injection is designed to make me ovulate, to release all of those eggs whose growth I have been stimulating so that they are ready to be "collected" tomorrow morning. As such it needs to be timed pretty precisely. Certainly no earlier than 10pm, preferably no later than 10:15, that quarter of an hour window doesn't give any room for forgetting about it for a minute, or putting it off for five. Clearly a slight distraction was needed, so on went "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" (a classic Doctor Who episode with Tom Baker as The Doctor, and one we'd not seen before). The 25 minute episodes meant that we didn't get too sucked in and forget about needles totally, but it was absorbing enough that the thought of not wanting to forget the injection didn't take over the evening entirely.

So that part went fine, but the weekend has not been a total success. It's amazing how eight little microscopic eggs can make me feel so bloated, but I'm feeling constantly like I just ate a Christmas dinner with second helpings of everything. My appetite for pretty much everything other than Marmite on Toast has been significantly reduced, so the strapline on this blog is more true than ever. So, until tomorrow morning I am wearing the loosest clothes I can get away with and catching up with trashy fiction, brainless telly and silly games on my Nintendo DS. I'm on an order of nil by mouth after midnight tonight, not a problem at all.