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Date: 20 January 2005 22:43:26

Or cup?

I'm sure most under 70 year olds in todays society would choose the former, so it seems to have been a popular decision on the whole to replace the church cups with mugs.

There is still a full set of bone china cups and saucers for the traditional contingent, so in theory everyone should be happy.

X is not happy. despite the fact that the cups that were replaced were;

a) a stupid design allowing only one finger to hold the handle, and to contain only enough tea or coffee to wonder where the rest went.

b) mostly broken - there were enough for about 1/3 of the congregation to drink not enough tea or coffee from after a morning service.

and c) decreed by some weird decree (probably thought up by X come to think of it) only to be used with the not-actually-quite-matching-saucers so that most people spilled hot liquids down themselves/ their children at some point trying to balance cup, saucer, biscuit, random-piece-of-paper-that-you've-been-handed-on-the-way-out-of-church-and-haven't-had-chance-to-look-at-yet, etc. (I usually spilled tea every week, but I suspect that's rather more to do with me than the cups).

I think that X has decided that the useless cups had become so ingrained into our church culture that they must be part of the constitution or something. Needless to say she got out of me where I'd hidden them and took one back to use for herself.

I'm sure there's a sermon in there somewhere...