le weekend

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Date: 25 January 2005 00:16:58

Nothing particularly French about this weekend, it's just that in so many of our Monday french lessons we had to describe what we did at le weekend, and it was never all that interesting and I used to make stuff up, figuring that so long as my grammar was OK, I couldn't be marked down for factual inaccuracies... ah those were the days... Actually talking about French people, it seems that the ministry of obvious casting decisions has been at work this weekend, with Audrey Tautau set to play the female lead in the movie version of 'The Da Vinci Code' At least they haven't cast anyone I like in it yet, so I won't have to watch it...

Much better news: Jacqui has a wiblog! Jacqui is one of my most regular readers, and I'm already totally devoted to her blog :)

Worse news, X (see last entry) informed me yesterday that the mugs we bought for church dropped to 1/2 price the day after we bought them. I'm very annoyed.