What it says on the tin

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Date: 21 February 2005 21:53:28

Dear BBC Please can you fix it for me to have my old schedule of telly back, it was very good and the one I have now is rubbish...

I would like the following programmes back, the same as they were in the early nineties without recent embellishments:

Top Gear (some day very soon you'll put Jeremy Clarkson and the Crazy Frog next to each other and you'll look from one to the other and won't be able to tell the difference).

The Clothes Show (preferably with Jeff Banks).

Food and Drink (not the current incarnation, the old one with the bloke with the beard doing the cooking and Jilly Goolden muttering about burnt pencils).

Home Front

Gardener's World

Please could I have one of these on every weeknight in the same timeslot, and then get rid of all of the other daytime and weekday evening lifestyle programmes that are continually trying to get a different slant, or inject more 'reality' into these situations. I want to know how to paper a wall, not watch someone answer questions in order to 'win' a team of decorating wannabes applyind paper to a room that they are not allowed to see.

Oh and can you also fix it for me to have Jim'll Fix It back on a Saturday evening.

Thank you Emily (28) from Swansea.


In other news: Happy birthday to Alan Rickman (59 today), that makes him 31 years older than me for another 11 days - or something like that anyway.