Surprise, Surprise...

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Tags: birthdays, childhood, television

Date: 11 April 2005 22:12:26

I really should update more often. Not a great deal has happened mind, life plods on as usual. I was in Leicestershire at the weekend, visiting parents, and assisting in a surprise visit from my brother, who according to them was in Korea... until he turned up on their doorstep.

Bro and I got to look around the house we grew up in, as we happened to be walking past as the current owners were measuring up, getting ready to sell it again. It stirred up relatively few emotions compared to what I would have expected. In the end it's bricks and mortar, and our memories are made of different stuff.

We also went to a surprise 50th birthday ceilidh, with a caller that sounded exactly like Harry Hill. A surreal experience, but very enjoyable, lots of good food and old friends.

Shock expose of today has to be that "cookies are a sometimes food". Today's show was brought to you by the letters L, M, A and O.