Kiss Me Quick, Squeeze Me Slowly...

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Tags: Neighbours, books, films, Marmite, food

Date: 14 March 2006 00:14:30

Squeezy marmite? Can fully understand the phasing out of the smallest jars though - I mean, what's the point? Nice joke on Maggi's blog. I've just finished reading 'Behind the Scenes at the Museum' by Kate Atkinson. Great book, a cast of thousands and lots of untimely deaths, but ultimately uplifting. Surprisingly uplifting also was our Saturday morning viewing of 'Trainspotting' we chose life. We also chose to make a fantastic 'lemon ice cream tart on a ginger nut base', basic recipe from Nigel Slater, double quantities of brandy from the lodger. Thanks to those who replied to my Zen tagging, Alice, you didn't mess up sweetie, lots of zen/psychic hugs beaming your way that you can absolutely trade in for real ones when I see you and Baby B next, I would suggest going to the swings but it's peeing it down and I need to think about starting dinner. Oooh almost forgot, neighbours season finale today, catch it at 5:35, new exciting credits start tomorrow. We all have to have our little obsessions ;P