If out, leave at Number 12...

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Date: 04 April 2006 23:15:15

We're getting our first organic veg. box delivered tomorrow. All very good we hope. Today we had a delivery of tinned stuff, meat and toiletries from Tesco. Every other morning Brian delivers our milk. Our DVDs come through the post, as does quite a lot of other stuff in the way of entertainment thanks to Amazon and other select sites. Do I actually need to go out? Probably not, which is a little scary.

My extra time in the house - and therefore on the internet - has yeilded this great site (not work safe) though. type in a lyric, and it will sing it! It works best with American spellings, and is still a work in progress, but is very cool. Thanks to Claire on Neighboursfans.com for the link.

Off to make some lemon cakes now, and spread the love... or something.

Catch you.