At this particular time in the life of the church...

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Date: 06 April 2006 23:03:30

We all have our catchphrases. I probably say the word 'cool' far more often than is strictly necessary, but it's such a neat little word and I like it.

Any regular attender of my church would immediately recognise the person who utters the title line of this entry with extreme regularity. Let's refer to him a 'P'. He, for those of you who worship, elsewhere is one of the ministers at the church, and this is his stock phrase in meetings. I questioned him on the regularity of its use (often in the abbreviated form 'In the life of the church' which I counted him using 14 times in a 9 minute speech) and he said that he uses it when he's thinking what to say next, and it sounded more eloquent than 'umm'. I had to concede his eloquence argument, but it can sound completely incongruous.

The other minister at our church, 'G' (who last night counted 6 'in the life of the church'es in about as many minutes) is one person who I never associate with a particular phrase, and never manages his own catchphrase despite being, shall we say rather loquacious. I asked him at the end of the meeting how he manages to avoid repeating the same old phrase and he claims he takes a thesaurus to bed as night time reading. This doesn't surprise me in the least. Having gained this insight into the minds of both pastors I'm not sure I'm better off, but it is very very interesting.

Not as interesting though as the site for The Leamington Spa Lifeboat Museum. Check out the disclaimer and it all makes sense. I really do love the lengths to which some one has gone with this one. As is often the case, thanks dg for the link.