Why Slugs?

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Date: 28 July 2008 23:46:55

Last night at quasi-church we were asked what one question we'd ask of God given the chance, and the title of this post was mine.
I can just about cope with them eating my garden, which is a bit of a mess anyway. I can live with them being everywhere, and not being able to go outside barefoot at all.
I hate them getting in the house, but I've not seen one in the kitchen for a while.
I can even cope with the recently reported Welsh breed of carnivorous slug, because it wouldn't have caused the problem I had last week. Rhys was away, so I put out a not for the milkman ordering half the amount of milk for the next couple of days. However when I got up the following morning, I found I had the usual amount of milk - a slug had eaten the note.
Not only that, but it wasn't until I got the bottles into the kitchen that I noticed a slug on each one.