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Date: 02 May 2003 18:11:00 someone I know once said.

OK, 31 songs in May continues unabashed:

2nd May - What's the Use of Wings?

What can I tell you about this song? Well, certainly more than the author of that page can. It was written by Brian Bedford of the most excellent accapella close harmony group Artisan, and is probably the best known of the many songs recorded by the group. What would also help is that it has been recorded by others, including Vin Garbutt. Perhaps it's a little sentimental, I was probably in a sentimental mood when I first heard it, but there is a strong streak of realism throughout the song that saves it from the slush pile.

So, this will be my thought for the day:

If you give your love it's freedom it may stay a while

If it leaves you it was never yours to own

Yes Jacqui, we are meeting for lunch.