One, Two, One-Two-Free!

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Tags: Neighbours, music, Alan Fletcher, Dylan

Date: 03 May 2003 21:49:00

Ok, after today I'll try and stop these songs getting weirder by the minute, but this one was going round my head all of yesterday, and needs airing.

May 3rd Free as a River

I know, that's not a direct link, but the site uses so much flash technology that you'll need to find your way through a couple of menus, it should be fairly self explanitory.

So, this song then. Well, I might as well admit that it is from 'Neighbours', but it is one of the many reasons that this otherwise humdrum daytime soap becomes essential cult viewing. The character of Dr Karl Kennedy was once, you see, in a band called 'The Right Prescription'. Someone thought it would make a good storyline if this band were to make a comeback. A song was written, by 'Mr Neighbours Music', Chris Pettifer, and was duly performed by Alan Fletcher, who plays Karl. The thing was that it was just too good a song to only hear once, so it is reprised with comic regularity, as often as storylines will allow. if you follow the 'Mr Neighbours Music', 'video library' link in the first link in this entry, you can find one of these reprises.

So, the song in itself - it's kind of a protest song, but hammed up to overload. More Dylan than Bob himself, definitely worth a listen, as it is almost guarunteed to raise a smile.